F&N 203 – Day 8 – Simmering


Part 1:

  • Each group of 4 students prepares a “Simmering Station” by assembling all the ingredients including prepared ingredients, cookware, tools and serviceware at each cooking station. Then…
  • Each group of 4 students demonstrates “Blanching and Shocking” and prepares
    • Blanched and shocked Broccoli
    • Blanched and shocked Asparagus
    • Blanched and shocked Brussels Sprout
  • Then, re-therm the broccoli and asparagus in some chicken stock, butter and garlic (don’t forget salt and pepper) and serve on a disposable plate.
  • Also, sear the cut ends of the Brussels sprouts in butter and oil (don’t forget to use salt and pepper) and serve on a disposable plate.

Part 2:

  1. Using the basic techniques in Basic Rice Pilaf and Basic Risotto, each group of 4 students prepares each of the following:

  • Professional Cooking, Gisslen, 8th ed.
    • Chapter 2, Sanitation and Safety
    • Chapter 3, Tools and Equipment
  • PowerPoints